Group 3: Blog Writing Practices

Net Increase? Cross-Lingual Linking in the Blogosphere
The article was talking about discusses how cross-lingual blogs work. In order to discuss the issue, the author also did research about the transforms of different languages. The graphs indicated that the cross-lingual blogs used hyperlinks to build a bridge to cross the language gap; however, the citations between same languages were more often than the cross-lingual. In addition, we could find that people tend to use English hyperlinks to connect. Although the cross-lingual system overcame the language, it brought some translation problems such as misleading and translation errors. We found that the author’s attitude would mislead his readers because readers couldn’t have the ability to get access to this resource to gain information. If the author wants others to support him, he may distort the news deliberately. And another question was that people who don’t know well about one language, their poor translation may embarrass themselves. In the end of report, we let classmates to discuss a problem that the author mentioned -why UK-based blogs seldom use non-English news, and we gained a conclusion that English people were proud of themselves while non-English people were lack of confidence, which made UK-based news kept holding the dominance.

Discussion Questions:
Why do English blogs seldom use non-English hyperlinks?
  1. First Group: English people have prejudice, they think they have first-hand information and they believe in their skills of organizing the news, so they don't want to use non-English news.
  2. Second Group: English news papers host dominant status. And Chinese newspapers often tend to use English news. Both the factors prove English people's pride.

  3. Fourth Group: Due to the search server. The servers created by UK-based people would show more English webs during our searching.
  4. Fifth Group: They considered themselves could to be able to gain the first-hand news.

An African American Weblog Community’s Reading of AIDS in Black America
Researchers observed African Americans ethnic identity through their blog communities. The analysis focuses on community members’ discussion in response to a 2006 ABC News. Researchers summarized a televised ABC News to show how it provides examples of how HIV/AIDS discourse constructs African Americans as a high-risk group. The reporter Moran leads segments on ”five important reasons why AIDS in Black America is out of control”. Researchers choose black bloggers as object making make surveys depended on black bloggers' opinions of AIDS/HIV reported on the mainstream program. Eventually, they find the reason why African American hardly can escape the AIDS crisis. It includes ineffective leadership, poor cultural practices and unsafe sex. The Black communication conventions can be divided into three themes: communicative interaction, social support and kinesics. The communicative interaction means to express a shared identity and language. Social (communal) support means caring among community members, which is and also used to call for help. Kinesics means non-verbal elements that enrich communications.Discussion Questions:

How can they find other channel to get supports?
  1. First Group: international organization like WHO
  2. Second Group: 1.Facebook and blog 2.find someone else like them,organize, and support each other
  3. Fourth Group: hold a parade
  4. Fifth Group: find someone influential to speak out for them

Blogging Practices: An Analytical Framework
The research provides a way to see and analyze different uses of the blog format, and claimed that individual usages are framed by three structural dimensions of rules, relations, and codes. When people use blogs, there are two rules that we usually use them as the procedure and routines. First is the adequacy rule. It differs for various recipient and user groups, so the users can get access to the blogs interesting to them more easily. Blogs are just like a hybrid form, get the best balance between websites and instant messaging. Second is the procedural rule. It would decide what for reading for the users. It was decided by users’ habit and favorite set, so it provides a great deal flexibility in adding and deleting sources from their media palettes. The relations of blog can be divided into hypertexual relations and social relations. The three ways to establish relations between blogs are permalinks, trackbacks and comments, which we can see them used frequently by bloggers. Those popular blogs that have high popularity can spread specific information. In other words, these bloggers control the power to spread information. Blogging software affords users a free blog. They can personalize their own ones including the layout, social relation, identity privacy and article link

Discussion Questions:
Which one would you prefer more, updating status or publishing articles?
  1. First Group: Facebook. It is convenient and quick.
  2. Second Group:Facebook. It is sociable and convenient. And status could be short and brief than articles.
  3. Fourth Group: Facebook. It is troublesome that blogs need searching while we could easily follow other's status on Facebook. 
  4. Fifth Group: Blogs. There is no privacy on Facebook except secret clubs. Blogs cold be known by few people.