Night Market in Zhongli and Taipei (Simulation Project)

Simulation Project: Night Market in Zhongli and Taipei

I. Why did we choose this subject?

A night market is one of the most iconic feature in Taiwan. While people in other countries cannot find any shop to buy food at night, Taiwanese people can pick any snacks they desire in a night market. It is a special aspect of culture in Taiwan, so we would like to introduce it to the foreigners.

II. The Content of the Project Video

1. Part One

He first stands in front of the camera because he feels more comfortable in front of it, and by this way he can do more body language to make his speech more vivid and gives audience an introduction of Chungli night market. Then he uses many clips to show the audience the exotic food there. He eats food by himself to make all audience feel as if they were at the night market having the food, too. Also, this kind of presenting is different from other groups in this class. It’s what make us different from others. Between all the food clips, we chose a song “Don’t wanna know” from Maroon 5, because most of the classmates in this class are from western countries. Putting this song in my video may make them feel more close to us. Next, the last few minutes in this part, he introduces his favorite food in chungli night market, 章魚燒. He uses body language to describe this food and how it can be made in details. This clip is to draw closer with the audience because most people will be interested in this issue.

2. Part two

The second part is about Jingmei Night Market. And I focus on the linguistic landscape of it. At first, I gave a brief introduction about Jingmei Night Market. Then, I used the Google Map to show the geographic information of the market. How can you get to Jingmei Night Market? Since I gave the advise that metro is a great way to get here, I started from the linguistic landscape of the Jingmei metro station. I found a on-site map and discovered that it was bilingual, including many other signs in station. After that, I focused on the linguistic landscape of the night market itself. And I categorized them into the following three types:

1. All Chinese ones
As most of the shop owner's target costumers were locals, they did not bother to add English translation on their signs. This type was the most common one.

2. No signs at all
Like I mentioned above, most of costumers are locals, who are native Chinese speakers. So, some shop owners did not make any signs at all. If you want to acquire some information, you will have to speak to the owner. Most of them cannot speak English well.
3. Signs with different foreign languages
I only found one sign that showed different languages. It had Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English and two other languages that I could not understand.

At the end, I concluded that because the target costumer were local Taiwanese, most of the signs I found only came in Chinese. 

III. How did we make the project?

1. Part one 

First we discuss about which night market should we choose, and the results are chungli night market and 景美 night market. Because Eddie’s home is near 景美and chungli night market is close to NCU. Then we went to night market first time to choose which vender should he put in the video, and few days ago he and his friend went there again to record the video clips we can use. Then we chose the clips and start to editing.
2. Part two

First, I took some photo in Jingmei Night Market. Then, I record my voice with my cellphone.  After that, I used Power Director 12 to edit and combine my narration with the pictures I took.

IV. Difficulties we had during the making process 

The biggest challenge which we faced when filming this video is the weather and traffic. At the time we were filming, it rained a lot, and as long as it rains, some vender won’t come out to sell, and we cannot filming them. Next is traffic, both of us do not have a scooter, so we have to borrow from our classmates, but borrowing a scooter is not very easy. It took us many to do it. Weather is also a problem because most part of the Night Market is outdoor space. Therefore, if it raining that day, taking images and video will be a difficult.

V. Comments

All four comments are written in standard English. Because that all the attendances in class are not native English speakers, standard English is a more effective way of communication. And most of them are positive feedback. 


  1. In the first part of the video clip, the human body is used to interact with the audience and the detailed description of one's favourite food also highlight personal involvement in the food culture. If the video can include the street vendors' voices and even the noises of the night market, the audience can get a better sense of the local environment. The second part of the video is a more distant night market, so the map and the information of transportation are added to guide the audience. The narrator provides his observation of the different types of signs with respect to the language use. It would deepen your analyses of the videos and audience comments if you refer to some part of the course readings.

    1. I should have checked the subject-verb agreement!!!

      description ----highlights


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