SL Events: William Shakespeare's "The Tempest" at Garden World

Avatar Repertory Theater presents William Shakespeare's "The Tempest" at Garden World sim.

The Tempest, a story of love, deceit and redemption... come witness this classic tale brought to life - Steampunk Shakespeare like you have never seen before!!! Designer JubJub Forder calls the visual style of the production "pre-apocolyptic post-victorian furry steampunk... and with a dedicated sim, special effects, uniquely created stage and props, and of course the finest actors in SL....its bound to be a blast"

Sodovan Torok and Ada Radius founded Avatar Repertory Theater in the summer of 2008, to create a small, tightly knit group of players with a broad range of technical and artistic skills. The troupe's first production was "Tales from the Metaverse" for Halloween 2008, and "The Tempest" is the group's first Shakespeare production. Many other projects, live and machinima, are in the works. The troupe now boast the talents of (in alphabetical order):

Ada Radius, Dolgoruky Umarov, Em Jannings, Joff Fassnacht, JubJub Forder, Kayden Oconnell, MadameThespian Underhill, Mickie Nickolaidis, Persephone Phoenix, Prospero Frobozz, Rowan Shamroy, Sodovan Torok, Suzy Yue, and Thundergas Menges.

The cast list varies for each show and will be posted, um, somewhere before the show. Dragons, Furries, Tinies, Humans and Humanoids are welcome.
There is space in the water for particularly large dragons. Doll up and bring a date for Valentine's Day!

Land access is L$500 and audience member will receive a treasure chest of steampunk, and other free gifts worth L$1000. The show is 90 minutes long, and you can tp in and out during the show if you need to. About 90% of the revenues will go to the actors; nearly all production costs were donated. Seating is limited.

Please contact Ada Radius for an advance reservation (or just show up at the door and take your chances)

Thursday, February 12, 6pm SLT
Saturday, February 14, 3pm SLT
Sunday, February 15, 3pm SLT
Tuesday, February 17, 3pm SLT
Wednesday, February 18, 5pm SLT
Friday, February 20, 8pm SLT