G5 Leading Class Discussion

Wednesday, March, 18, 2009

We talked about two topics relating with blog. One is blogging practices and the rest is an African American Weblog community’s reading of AIDS in black America. We met at Arominia. After presentation we prepared some of the questions to let our classmate discuss. There are three questions in blogging practices.

1. Do you have a blog? What kind of topics do you usually post on your blog?
2. What reasons drive you to keep on your blog?
3. How often do you update your blog?
All groups have a blog which can express their own emotion and keep in touch with old friends. Some of them would like to post pictures in their blog to be more attractive to the readers. Most of them don’t have a habit to update their blog frequently. Blog is a space to express our own emotion; some of them would like to update it once a day or every day.

There are two questions in the second topic
1. Are you a blogger? Do you have a habit to visit the other blogs? Can you determine their national identity from their writing style?
2. Have you ever read any cases about black men suffered from HIV? Can you describe it?
Most of them don’t have a habit to write their blog apart from their assignment. Each group has different opinions. For instance, group 1 mentioned that they can recognize their national identity from their writing style such as Hong Kong and China. Hong Kong will use “咁” express “那麼。” Group 2 thought that they can determine English bloggers who use words as “brb=be right back” and so on.