News Discussions (1) in Second Life

This week we will meet in Second Life at 2 pm. Before class, please post one new story in your blog.

The class is scheduled as follows:

2:00-3:00 We will meet at CNN i Report

1. Right click on the iReport kit and choose "touch."
2. Also touch to join the CNN iReporters group.
3. Take a seat and play the "20 questions" game based on the the AP book.
4. Each group will take turns asking questions.
5. Participation scores will be determined in part by the scores that your group gains, so be prepared.
6. Take a group picture (snapshot).

3:00-5:00 We will teleport to Reuters

1. Students will be divided into small groups and have discussions on the news pieces that you have written.
2. Group members will rotate the roles of reviewer, writer, editor, and organizer. Each run in the group will take 30-minutes.

  • 20-minutes for sharing news.
    --Writers will tell the story.
    --Reviewers will ask questions about unclear messages and comments on the soundness of the logic and the effectiveness of presentation.
  • 10-minutes for recommending revisions.
    --Editors will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the news piece and the relative importance of the issues raised by the reviewers.
    --Organizers will lead the team by keeping discussion on schedule and saving the chat transcript related to the discussion of the news piece.

3. Take a group picture.

***To find those meeting places, just copy and paste the SLURLs on your Web browser. Click on "teleport now" and the map will show in Second Life.
*** To practice your Second Life skills, Please go to Orientation Station_ Scholar

After class,
1. Each group should post the following participation records on the class blog by next Tuesday noon:
(1) the group pictures, and (2) a list of the group's news titles (headlines), each of which should be followed by a couple lead sentences. Refer to the examples from the New York Times:

Europeans Debate Castration of Sex Offenders
Whether castration can help rehabilitate violent sex offenders is under new scrutiny in the Czech Republic.

Dalai Lama Says China Has Turned Tibet Into a‘Hell on Earth’
The Dalai Lama’s furious speech followed a clampdown tied to the anniversary of the Tibetan uprising.

2. The organizer should post the following comments on the writer's original news story by Friday midnight:
(1) chat transcripts, and (2) a short evaluative and constructive report reflecting the reviewer's and the editor's opinions.

3. The writer should post the revised news story on the personal blog by next Tuesday noon. Do not delete the original one.

4. The group leading next Wednesday's class should post the meeting place on the class blog by next Tuesday noon.