Using English in the Classroom is hardly related to the national language and the deterioration of identity?

Language, identity two separate issues
Mar 14, 09 10:11am, Malaysiakini

[...]Education First: The use of English for teaching maths and science is being debated using reasons of 'identity’ in preserving the Malay language and 'being competitive’ in using English as the lingua franca. Both arguments are as valid as are they insufficient reasons to decide on the matter at present moment [...]

[...]Dr Syed Alwi Ahmad: .[...]In a technology-driven world, successful nations must be able to handle state-of-the-art developments in the scientific field. They must be able to transfer and assimilate new technologies as they arise. But the transfer of technology can only take place if your scientists and engineers can read the vast scientific literature in English! And that is the real issue behind the language switch[...]