Group Meetings this Wednesday: Never be too Lazy to Fix Errors

We will have group meetings @ Hilbert during this Wed's class.
We will find typos and as well as discuss issues such as:

· Is the title or topic attractive?
· Are the words in the essay appropriate?
· Does the story cover important points of an issue?
· Is the story clearly written in the writer’s own words?
· Does the story include spelling and grammar errors?
· Do multimedia presentations in the story serve their purposes?

Each group will be meeting with me for half an hour.
For the rest 2.5 hours, your group will discuss news at different places in SL.
The schedule is as follows.
2:00-2:30 Group 1
2:30-3:00 Group 2
3:00-3:30 Group 3
3:30-4:00 Group 4
4:00-4:30 Group 5

Linguistic inaccuracy might be an issue of identity or a moment of embarrassment.
Never be too lazy to fix errors; try to make things perfect.
Please upload and send me a final copy of your work for grading by May 6th.