Headlines and Discussion Pictures of G4

Clothes for Free
By Heather
 -Do not know where to get fashion clothing on Second Life? Come to “Freebie Heaven”!

My some experience in Second Life
By alice1988
 -It is nice experience exploring Palace Grand Ballroom in SL, meeting international players and getting some help, visiting splendid ballroom.

Different Attitudes In Second Life and Real Life
By linchiehpeng
 -It talks about people's different manners in RL and SL. RL has a social norm to restrict people and in SL there is no risk.
By Melissa Lin
 -Three people on SL are interviewed of their reasons, habits, and preferences of using SL, and their knowledge about what students are doing on SL. The conclusion is people on SL merely doing three things, chatting and making friends, having virtual sex and exploring SL.