G2 discusson for final group project on May 27th

Our group project will focus on analyzing and organizing the motivation and reflection of people who have been engaging in Second Life.
We will design a questionnaire to get to know their user experiences on Second Life.
We will also categorize these questions into topics. The results of the questionnaires can produce some data. We would give out our questionnaires to the 20 people who’ve been getting in touch with SL on June 3. And the week after next week, which is July 10, we can have an interview online or face to face. The interview can be edited into a 15-min video. Cate proposed that every student in the class re presents his avatar before shooting the classmates, and we might divide them into certain groups, perhaps including "daily users" or "seldom users"...and so on. Then, we will try to find out what kind of motivation s they belong to. After deviding into groups (which is based on their motivations) and we will conduct the interview with them one by one. We will also find out if they do identify with the motivations after the research or not.

1. How often do you use Second Life?
2. How often and what kind of place/club interest you to go and spend time there?
3. What things have you done in SL that you dare not to do in RL
4. Would you like to create your own space to attract people?
5. Will you introduce to your friends other than in this class to join SL?
6. Do you have specific meeting time with the new friends/club/group you know on SL? If yes, how often do you meet with each other? What’s the main interest of your group?
7. How do you feel about SL? Is it bringing you different or opposite with your expectation/imagination first time you learned that we’re going to use it for class?
8. Will you use SL after we complete this course?
(to be continued)

We will also try to get some ideas and motivations from reading their blogs, analyze the news reports of one or two frequent user v.s. passive users.