G2 final project questionaire

1. How often do you use Second Life?
2. How do you distribute your personal spare time while using SL in one day?
3. What kind of place/club interest you to go and spend time on SL?
4. Do you have specific meeting time with the new friends/club/group you know on SL?
5. If yes, how often do you meet with each other? What’s the main interest of your group?
6. Would you like to create your own space or form a group/community to attract people or to make new friends?
7. Have you ever sensed that you tend to get along with people who share almost the same motivations with you?
8. Have you heard about SL before this class?If yes, what do you feel after using it?
9. What's the best part you like in SL?
10. What’s the biggest difference you feel between SL and RL?
11. Are you with the same personalities in both SL and RL? Why?
12. Are you indulged in the life of your avatar?
13. What things have you done in SL that you dare not to do in RL?
14. Do you encounter any moral/ immoral issue in this virtual mode of life?
15. How do you react when other SL users make you feel harassed?
16. For a newbie, what should he/ her take care the most in SL?
17. Will you introduce SL to your friends who are not in this class to join SL?
18. Will technical problems wear out your interest in SL?
19. What will be the stimulants that enable you a daily user on SL? Excitement? Or just novelty?
20. Will you use SL after we complete this course?