It is Always Sunny on the Clouds? Prospect or Perish?

Here are my questions and reflections about the group work in this class.

  • Do you support or subvert the group's default decision-making?
    We may have different ideas about group work or even strongly argue against a certain project. Once the decision is made, group members should unite and support one another.

  • Do you tolerate diverse ideas or endure careless proofs?
    We can critique realities and express opinions, but can hardly appease ourselves by careless proofs or nonsensical talk. Group members should come up with a better analysis through further investigations and discussions.

    • Do you spend time in team excellence or mutual accusation?
      We should take responsibilities for mistakes, failures, and frustrations as well as credits that show team excellence. Learning from these painful experiences is more useful than mutual accusation.

    Less excuses; more passions!