Project Meeting 2: Pilot Surveys or Interviews

(Thank dana for the photograph)

I noticed that there was one person absent in each group except G2. Every semester, when it comes to the group project, the issue of friendship emerges. This week we first talked about friendship in the collaborative project. Do you prefer an atmosphere of individualistic academic seriousness to public displays of affection among friends? Do you feel comfortable expressing emotions and showing cooperation with one another in your group?

A main focus was on several techniques for conducting human communication projects including surveys, interviews, questionnaires, polls and ratings, and intensive interviews. I posted a summary of each group's project progress and my advice as follows:

  • Group 1 discussed interview questions and did a pilot interview with the class members. Writing appropraite questions can help you keep your interviews better focused.
  • Group 2 discussed interview questions in class and sent out questions to the classmates via email. You need to make sure the class complete questionnaires and return them in time.
  • Group 3 conducted virtual interviews and shared part of the results in class. Integrating collected data in a systmatic way is essentail for an effective group project.
  • Group 4 had a cold interview in Second Life. Establishing rapport early in an interview and being sensitive to time are your missions.
  • Group 5 cut down the number of participants and blended general and specific questions. Since your topic is sensitive, prepare for unexpected reactions from the sources.

You are on the way! Be persistent and passionate! Thank your sources. This is a common courtesy.