Let's Meet @ Motru

This week we will meet in Second Life.

**9:00-10:00 meeting @ Motru
1. Just copy and paste the above slurl in your Google Browser. Then the location will show in a google map.
2. Clicking the orange button "teleport now" will send you to this location.
3. Look around and take some snapshots.
4. Join the group Play!

**10:00-11:00 CNN iReport Island
1. Right click on the iReport kit and choose "touch."
2. Also touch to join the CNN iReporters group.
3. Take a seat and play the game based on the the AP book.
4. Groups take turns asking questions (Group 1 is responsible for Ch 1-2; Group 2-->Ch 3 & 4; Group 3-->Ch 5-6). Each student will ask one question.
5. Participation scores will be determined in part by the scores that your group gains, so be prepared.
6. Take some group pictures (snapshots).

**11:00-12:00 Back to Motru
1. Have small-group discussions on the news stories that you have written.
2. Take group pictures. Post it to the class blog.