March 24th--Peer Revision Session in SL

Before class meetings, students should post news stories in personal blogs. Each one should include text (a minimum of 200 words) and/or media (pictures, links to audio and video files, etc).

9:00-9:30 Kay will meet with you @ Motru to check attendance.
9:30-11:30 News discussion will take place in Second life. Students will then have discussions in small groups by taking different roles of the writer, the reader, and the editor, and the organizers. For details, see below.
11:30-12:00 Kay will meet with you @ Motru to check attendance.

After peer review, each group is required to email the chat transcripts to the instructor. The group's news headlines, news leads, and pictures should be posted on the class blog. Students will then post a revised version of the news on personal blogs. For details, see below.

This task will be evaluated based on the timely postings of the news drafts on the blog and the quantity and quality of peer comments and feedback. Attendance at the group discussion (with time stamps on chat transcripts) is obligatory for obtaining the grade.

What should students do when discussing news in SL?
Everybody should take turns playing the four roles--the writer, the reader, the editor, the organizer-- in the news discussion (120 minutes).
  • You rotate the roles. For example, you might take the role of writer in the first run, and the reader in the second run, the editor in the third and the organizer in the fourth. Each run will take 30 minutes.
  • If you play the role of writer, then you tell your story. The other members take the other three roles. If you are the editor at the run, you search out errors and typos in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word choice. The reader asks questions to clarify the words, phrases, main points, supporting ideas, and transitions. The organizer keeps discussion on schedule and facilitates clear, concise, and specific peer discussions.

What should students do after news discussions?
  • The organizer will post the following items on the WRITER’S (not the class blog, please!!!) blog (30 minutes).
(1) the dialogue and (2) a summary of the reader’s and the editor's SUGGESTED REVISIONS, and (3) a brief comment on the entire article with respect to organization, length, logic, and style.
Note. If one group member is absent, then the reader can be the organizer herself/himself. The writer will then post a revised draft in his/her personal blog by the next Tuesday noon.
  • One student in each group should post the following participation records on the class blog by the next Tuesday noon:
(1) the group pictures, and (2) a list of the group's news headlines (with links to the blog posts), each of which should be followed by a couple lead sentences.
  • All students should post revised drafts of news stories on personal blog before the next Tuesday noon.