Conviviality: my mom has my MSN and facebook too...

WE HAVE HAD SERIOUS CHATS FOR LEARNING (see students' personal blogs), while throwing on some soft episodes for fun (see below):
[20:15] CM: and my parents also do the same thing, sometimes check my blog
[20:15] PI: are you the younster in the picture? haha
[20:15] SC: maybe you can interview me,haha
[20:15] JP: and in my piece, i interviewed some of the students whose parents use the internet for superviseing
[20:15] ML: my mom even leave comments on my blog!XD
[20:16] RK: so cool~ my tutor student's mom always asks her to feed the animals on facebook
[20:16] CM: hahaha
[20:18] JM: my mom has my MSN and facebook too, besides she is really good at English!