Taiwan News Coverage

For those who were absent from the class on the 3rd, the 17th, or the 31st, the class have reviewed your news stories and discussed the following topics of news writing:

1. News Writing.
As the writer of a news story, you should include some first-hand information by interviewing the person(s) through direct contact (face to face or via emails) and/or by visiting the place(s) and taking pictures. If you would like to write an op-ed article, it should include both a brief background knowledge of the news event and your opinion about how to improve matters or situations.
  • Define parties of different positions.
  • Tell readers why they should care about the issue.
  • Link your issue to the news sources.

  • Offer recommendations beyond just doing "research" by using Web sources.
2. Peer Revision.
Before submissions, we have two peer revision sessions to help improve news writing. I gave you handouts for improving different areas of writing in general, including content (e.g., main idea, additional support, conclusion, off-topic message, logic point) and language (e.g., spelling, run-on sentence, vocabulary choice, punctuation, grammar) and style. I also gave examples for adding depth and interest to news stories via handouts and YouTube Videos. Please check your chat transcripts from peer revision sessions and peer comments left on your blog postings to see if you have addressed these concerns.

3. Online Submission.
To create news posters, you need to transfer your news content into ONE PowerPoint slide. Save it as "other formats," such as JPEG or PNG. Then upload it to Second Life (File-->Upload-->Image). You can watch video tutorials from YouTube before class. Here is one: