The Revival of Writing: whose poster is this?

[19:34] MS: whose poster is this?
[19:34] RL: the black one?
[19:34] PI: haha
[19:34] MS: yes
[19:34] PI: the dark one
[19:34] CM: hahaha
[19:34] CM: the miserable one
[19:34] PI: how come my poster is dark too?
[19:34] RL: it;s so strange
[19:34] PI: is it because of the misery of RL?
[19:34] CM: maybe
[19:35] RL: don't make fun of me
[19:35] PI: oh no
[19:35] CM: no 100%
[19:35] SC: haha
[19:35] RL: ˋˊ
You can call this generic awareness, but I do enjoy the playfulness of exchanges in the Revival of Writing.


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