G3 summary and class leading discussions

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Group Members: Ruby, Susie, Jessie, Sonny
Article 1: Analog vs. Digital Instruction and Learning: Teaching Within First and Second Life Environments
We are going to have a survey and see whether students prefer traditional face to face class or on-line class because on-line teaching class recently becomes a trend and people would doubt if it is really helpful for learning. However, the experimental study of computer science study found that “the on-line student consistently performed better than face-to-face students.” Other studies also showed that traditional classroom methods are superior to on-line techniques. It reported that students who went to face-to-face lectures have higher grades in the exam than for students who were in on-line class only. Athird group of studies found that there were no significant differences between the two teaching techniques.
With students requesting more flexible teaching schedules and more creative learning environment and administrators concerned about the shortage of halls for larger lectures, experiments in teaching with such software products as Blackboard and Second Life are necessary in the development of teahing profession.
Class discussion:
1. Which do you prefer, on-line classes or traditional classes?
2. So far we have used second life as a learning tool in Journalist Writing Class, do you have any opinion or reflection to use this learning tool? Please share us with your own learning experience.

Article 2: Publicly Private and Privately Public: Social Networking on Youtube
This article is based on a one-year ethnographic project. It analyzes how YouTube participants developed and maintained social networks by manipulating physical and interpretive access to their videos. The analysis reveals how circulating and sharing videos reflects different social relationships among youth. It identifies varying degrees of “publicness” in video sharing.

Class discussion:
(1)How does sharing videos with certain friends but not others reflect different kinds of relationships?
(2)Can you share your own experience about Youtube with us?
G1: They agreed that sharing videos with certain people contributes to different results. A member of G1 mentioned that people tend to be more aggressive on the internet. Once she criticized an athlete below a video and got more than 100 responses full of dirty words, and maybe that’s why many video makers prefer the “friend only” target.

Article 3: Who Plays, How Much, and Why? Debunking the Stereotypical Gamer Profile
--by Dmitri Williams & Nick Yee & Scotte Caplan.
With the cooperation between the research team and a major virtual world operator, a systematic study of online game players is able to be established. Based on a combination of behavioral data and survey results about the players’ offline characteristics, motivations, and physical and mental health, some stereotypes and theoretical predictions about online game players are defied and implications for future investigations are drawn.
Class discussion:
According to the content of the article, we made a small survey in the class: do you play online games? If yes, how often do you play and what game do you play? Judy said that she only plays Happy Farm, but she load in the game everyday. Susie said that she played QQ online games only when she felt bored and wants to kill time. The same thing Goes with Sonny, while others claimed that they barely played online games, and that maybe boys liked online games more.