just like us but a little rocknroll style

CM: we just search vampire
RK: if we wear garlic necklaces they can't bite us
MS: do they have regular activities in some sites?
CM: there is some place they will gather together
RK: there is vampire island
KS: hahaha
PI: is there any feature of a vampire?
RK: i think there are many vampires maybe
PI: appearance feature i mean
CM: nop they are all human feature
PI: and how do we recognize they're vampires?
CM: just like us but a little rocknroll style
MS: have you read Twilight or watched other TV series[Buffy...]or movies about Dracula
KS: pale?
PI: yes
CM: yes I read the novel and the movie
MS: what attracts you the most?
KS: I watched the TV series
KS: and the movie in part
MS: say something about what you have learned from them?
PI: i want to know their life
CM: the mysterious atmosphere?
KS: pale skin
CM: yes their life seems mysterious for us
KS: move extremely fast?