May 26th-- Project Workshop: Question Formulations and Discussions

According to the syllabus, your group should discuss with me your interview/survey questions. After class meetings, you should post your Progress Report (1) in your personal blogs. In groups, the class will meet with two graduate assistants--Kay, Ellie--and me.

Kay will meet with you at Hilbert
G1 9: 00-9: 50
G2 10: 00- 10: 50
G3 11:00-11:50

Ellie will meet with you at Motru.
G3 9: 00-9: 50
G1 10: 00- 10: 50
G2 11:00-11:50

I will meet with you at Virtual Language Learning Lab:
G2 9: 00-9: 50
G3 10: 00- 10: 50
G1 11:00-11:50

1. Just copy and paste the above slurl in your Google Browser. Then the location will show in a google map.
2. Clicking the orange button "teleport now" will send you to this location.
3. Look around and take some snapshots.
4. Save the chat transcripts.