JW2010 SL Stories on CNN iReport

Group 1
Judy Meiler Galveston Island -- Luxurious Enjoyment with Least Money
Meimeiryo Littlebird Crush and Burn: Cheng Nan-jung, A Pro-Democracy Activist of Taiwan.
Meredith Rhosar A Warmhearted Couple Who Are Willing To Help
Aleli Damiano Live Amsterdam: Real Fun in a Virtual World

Group 2
Ko525252 Shelter Life in Second Life, With a Second Chance
Roxanne Kristan Spring Woods -A Sweet Scent of Cherry Flowers at Tempura
Charlotte Morhegan Being a Robin in Rocket City
phoebe Isenia A Palace in Second Life for Environmental Consciousness

Group 3
Ding Atolia Relay in Second Life-Relay for Life
Susie223 Chun “We Are Not Just Constructing a Game, but Also a Country”
Ruby Lysios Enjoy sex. Keeping or Discarding Moral discipline in Second Life
Jessie Passerine Drug in Second Life