SL7B! Browser-based, Mobile, and Networked?

Unexpected Collaborations: Second Life's 7th Birthday Party Starts Monday!

The SL7B celebration begins on Monday, June 21 at 10:00am PDT and runs through Sunday, June 27, spanning 21 regions with over 700 contributors, over 300 exhibits, and over 200 live performers and speakers (including special speeches from Philip and M Linden). SL7B is a showcase for the art, innovations, and ingenuity of all Second Life Residents.
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Second Life: Sculpting 'digital Legos'(4:13)11:13am
Philip Rosedale discusses what inspired him to create a virtual world of digital building blocks.
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Second Life Creator Linden Lab Downsizes, Morphs
By Don Clark
June 10, 2010, 4:11 PM ET
The Wall Street Journal

In March, the number of Second Life users with repeat log-ins (a metric that excludes first-time users) reached 826,214, 13% over the year-earlier period. The activity pales behind the surge several years ago, when millions signed up for free Second Life accounts–prompting breathless articles and predictions that virtual worlds would become a mainstream activity for Internet users and a meeting place for business users. That didn’t happen; many people who tried the site didn’t become regular users, perhaps gravitating toward online games that had more conventional goals and score-keeping.

But Second Life continued to appeal to individuals who like exploring, experimenting and creating things. “Some of the press might have left, but the customers stayed,” Kingdon says.

That said, Linden Lab is ending an “investment” phase to narrow its focus while adopting several new strategies, Kingdon says. One is a plan to develop a browser-based virtual world, eliminating the need to download a client program for personal computers that has been one of the hassles associated with Second Life.

Another is getting into the mobile action. Kingdon says the company will soon release an app for Second Life on iPhones and iPads.

Still another is to link Second Life with social networking.
8:54 am June 15, 2010
Pioneer wrote:
Pioneers are always in the minority at first. Second Life is a platform way ahead of its time. Like DaVincis diagrams, or Columbus dream. The reason it’s not mainstream is because those that are attracted to are pioneers and way ahead of their time. The possibilities that Second Life offers are awsome. It is anything you want it to be. When anyone asks me about what is the difference between Second Life, and Face Book here is what I say. Picture yourself a toddler playing in a sand box with other toddlers..that is Face Book.
Picture yourself in University graduating and starting out in life…that is Second Life.