Bricolage: The elephant in the room

I moved the elephant from Hilbert into the Eco House.
Are there unspoken conversations or unnoticed matters behind the media coverage?

G1 18/20
1. Collaborative efforts.5/5 You integrate all data into three posters with clear charts.
2. Issue coverage. 4/5 You include some quotes, but they are not categorized into issues.
3. multimedia presentation. 4/5 You present pictures in a systematic ways, but multimedia presentations are somehow traditional.
4. Coherent writing. 5/5 Your writing is structured into easy-to-follow sections.

G2 12/20
1. Collaborative efforts. 2/5 The posters are created by individual students without a systematic integration, though they are put together.
2. Issue coverage. 5/5 You present many interesting issues in those posters.
3. Multimedia presentation 3/5 You have impressive design in certain posters while copying images from the Web. Some of your posters can be integrated into one.
4. Coherent writing. 2/5 You just post quotes and words from your interviewees. You do not write anything yourself.

G3 17/20
1. Collaborative efforts. 4/5 You have a systematic way to present posters and data, but some posters are signed and created by individuals.
2. Issue coverage. 4/5 You include interesting quotes, but they are not categorized into issues.
3. Multimedia presentation. 5/5 You design impressive figures and charts and arrange posters and resources in a creative way.
4. Coherent writing. 3/5 You post quotes with a brief introduction without further linking of ideas.