Gaga & Yoga


Love for all: 你好. I was so touched. When I came here today, they told me, in the very traditional language from tayal legend, that gaga means "love for all."
患有多重障礙的建功國小三年級小粉絲「小妤」,平常只會說「我要吃飯」、「我要喝水」等簡單句子,卻會唱卡卡的每1首歌,不會寫字,卻能以單指打出「GAGA I Love you」(Apple Daily)

卡卡感性說:「我今天聽到市長說,我的名字在泰雅語言是『對萬物的愛』(Love for all),我好感動...中國時報

The Lady Gaga and Alexander McQueen Connection
Everything from her opening number gold jacket and razor glasses to the 10-inch skeleton inspired pumps and the now-famous Armadillo heels were all McQueen originals.