Team 4: Blog Writing and Identity

1. Gender, Identity and Language Using in Teenage Blogs
Emoticon is also referred to as smileys. This word derives from the hybrid of "emotion" and "icons", and is either composed of punctuation characters or of graphical symbols. Because online interactions cannot rely on facial and body gestures to express thoughts or feelings, emoticons are used for several reasons. First, they help emphasize a tone or meaning during message creation and interpretation. Second, emoticons help establish a current mood or impression of the author. 

Real interaction on Line APP(1)
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Real interaction on Line APP(2)
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Discussion Question: In the research, it shows that males use a direct and forceful style while females use a more indirect and intimate style of interaction. Do you agree with it? Why?
Team1: Mostly agree,but it still depends on different personallity and gender.
Team2: Agree,because males don't think too much and females might be shy, hoping others can understand. It's difficult for women to be direct.
Team3: Agree. It's natural.
Team5: Agree,males are usually direct speakers.

The Blog is Serving its Purpose: Self-Presentation Strategies on 38pitches. com.
Person demonstration strategies vary from situations to situations, including both blogs’ readers and authors. For celebrities, a blog is a great mediation without interventions from media, allowing them to have a greater control, crafting their self-images, and communicating with fans more directly. The development in ICT provides more opportunities and channels to improve one’s social ability.
Experiencing uncertainty about others’ true identity.

Discussion Question:Among these three \strategies: critics, committing individuals and accountable person,  which one do you regard as the most important? Why?

Team1: Critics, critics can make improvement
Team2: Accountable, in modern age, people should learn how to take their responsibility for their deeds
Team3: Critics, with more and more blogs and information appearing on the Net, only critics can testify if they are true or not.
Team5: Critics, critics offer us a crucial way to discover the genuine information covered by diverging angles from bloggers to bloggers.

3. Gender Differences in British Blogging 

Gender difference exists in blogging. The use of blogging is growing all the time. More and more services join the cyber world, including Catholic groups, business and shop windows for small home-based business. British female bloggers are alive and well. The results of this study agree with North American research that suggests that among women bloggers' motivations for blogging, subjects covered and technical proficiency may be at the root of their lower profile.

Gender difference still exist in cyber world
photoed by Kevin.C
Discussion Question: Among many kinds of contents we may post on our blog, which one you post much more frequently?
          For personal: 3 out of 19
For opinion: 10 out of 19
For politics religion criticism work and business IT Lesbian: 0 out of 19
For creative works: 2 out of 19
For link: 7 out of 19