Group1YouTube Text-based Polylogues

Bou-Franch, P., Lorenzo-Dus, N., & Carcia-Conejos Blitvich, P. (2012). Social interaction in YouTube text-based polylogues: A study of coherence. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 17, 501-521.   

 When we watch a youtube video we look at the comments below. what interests us is that some comments are not actually associated to the context of the video. For example, some people left their comments by simply referring to the previous comments. They are influenced by other people's thoughts but not their unique perspective. Others even contain commercial promotion. Also, CMC has a great influence on those comments. For example, those comments mostly includes words, emotions...etc.   

     Figure1: Example of CMC
      CMC contains emotional
      words, words, and images. 

 Figure2: YouTube comments that contains contents
features of coherence and incoherence

Discussing Question:
(1) How many students in class will look at the comments on YouTube videos? Can you give some examples that shows the connection between the videos and the comments? Total:13 students in class

G5: Comments match the videos ( Ex. singing contest videos like 超偶)

G4: Comments match the videos (Ex. one classical music video)

G3: Comments don't match the videos (Ex. 手語videos)

G2: Comments don't match the videos (Ex. 關鍵時刻 - 政論節目) 

Publicly private and privately public: Social networking on Youtube. Analog vs. digital instruction and learning: Teaching within first and Second Life environments

Figure3: Swedish school set"Minecraft"
as a compulsory subject 

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The experiment is dividing students into two groups, online and traditional instruction, trying to know these students’ performance and condition. There isare no significant difference in grades. Otherwise,traditional students get higher grades.On-line students think of effectiveness of online instruction and this is asynchronous web-based teaching tools. The online teaching tools are Web CT, Blackboard and Second Life. On-line courses make students overcome many problems. These online teaching tools need to be developed.

Discussing Question :Do you have the experience of playing online games? If so what games did you play?
16/21 students have the experiences of playing online games. They are Second Life, LOL, CS, 爆爆王, 戰地風雲, 信長之野望, 楓之谷,大富翁,跑跑卡丁車

Who plays, how much, and why? Debunking the stereotypical gamer profile.

This report is a research is an investigatesion about the profile of the players in the online game EverQuest2. Due to the increase of the online game players, these researches are beneficial for building theories about the behaviors and modes of reaction. Most of the results defy common stereotypes in surprising and interesting ways and have implications for communication theory and for future investigations of games. No matter teenagers, workers and senior citizens, people who enjoy playing online games are getting much more, and this also propels the industry to $7.4 billion in U.S. sales in 2006. What more, the time people play online games are getting longer. These are the reasons that make the thriving of the online society.
Figure 4: ?
Three questions about the online game players research:
A. What does it replace?
Addiction on the online games replaces a part of the human Relationship and results in the unfamiliarity of human.
B. What are the health impacts?
Online game players may have several physical health damages, such as “Pac Man elbow” , “video wrist” , and “Nintendinitis”.
Discussing Question : If online games are to design for teaching what will you expect?
G2: More fun, hope that there will be more things apear that we cannot do in class before.
G3: Fun, hope that it will be like playing games which attracts people.
G4: Some influence to make students concentrate in class.
G5: Don't have to come to class, anywhere is possible.
Emma: Check attendance. :)