News Project of group 5: The Conflict between Taiwan and Philippines --The Disputation across the Sea.(revised version)

The screenshot of our comments on Youtube.
In Taiwan, June 18, 2013
    After the Philippine people shot the Taiwanese fishermen, it brought about many problems, which are originally hidden below the sea. The conflict touched many aspects, such as the safety problem of the fishermen, and the diplomatic policies.
    This event also caused many discussions on the web. Some people were influenced by the mass media, which could arouse the public’s emotion. They had fierce opinions, and even stroke others by using terrible words.  
    After analyzing the comments on the web, we can know most of people talked about the human right, especially about fishermen, diplomatic issues, and the process of the investigation. The different attitudes of Taiwanese and Philippines are also noticed by people. 
    Taiwanese hope Philippines to face this event squarely, and not to escape the responsibility. However, Philippines’ slow and indirect reaction had caused the anger of many Taiwanese. Philippine officials thought they may be innocent. The neutrals said, “It is not worthy to break the relationship between Taiwan and Philippines, because of this event.” Now, diplomatic relationship between Taiwan and Philippines becomes nervous.
     This event could affect our lives a lot, from countries’ policies to daily supplies. We should learn from the experience, and learn how to really understand the deeper aspects of events. Don’t let your emotion be easily affected by the public!