Q & A for Blogging: Are You a Good Game Player?

Are the rules hard to follow?

I have written the news discussion and blogging procedures in the syllabus.

I have posted similar messages in the previous post. http://journalisticwriting.blogspot.com/2009/03/news-discussions-1-in-second-life.html

I have emailed the following messages to the class. Now I post them here again.

What should students do when discussing news in SL?

Everybody should take turns playing the four roles--the writer, the reader, the editor, the organizer-- in the news discussion. You rotate the roles. Each run will take 30 minutes. If you play the role of the writer, then you tell your story. The other members take the other three roles. In the second run, you might take the role of the reader. In the third run, you take the role of the editor. In the fourth, the organizer. If you are the organizer at the run, all you have to do is to keep discussion on schedule and copy the dialogue and the pic.

What should students do after news discussions?

The organizer will post the following items on the WRITER'S (not the class blog, please!!!) Blog by Friday night:

(1) the dialogue and (2) a summary of the reviewer and the editor's SUGGESTED REVISIONS .

Note. If one group member is absent, then the writer can be the organizer herself/himself. In this case, you post your group members' comments and write a summary of comments on your own blog.

The writer will then post a revised draft in his/her personal blog by the next Tuesday noon.

Each group should post the following participation records on the class blog by the next Tuesday noon:
(1) the group pictures, and (2) a list of the group's news titles (headlines), each of which should be followed by a couple lead sentences.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask!

Do you play some games? Are you a good game player?